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  • Drive Thru Prank

    Drive Thru Names Prank

    With help from his buddy, this guy rigs up a wireless Bluetooth speaker on his car and prerecords the name of the employee working the drive thru window. Watch the confusion on the employee's faces.

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  • Walking on Water Prank

    Walking on Water Prank

    This guy confuses the hell out of people with his ability to walk on water, especially some Jesus freak.

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  • Funny Mascot Prank

    Funny Mascot Prank

    The mascot for the Houston's Rockets hides in plain view as players head onto the floor before practice, then scares the players as they leave practice.

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  • Exploding iPhone Prank

    Exploding iPhone Prank

    A good looking girl pretends like she needs to borrow someone's iPhone on street. Naturally, the cell phone begins to smoke and eventually explodes.

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  • Cell Phone Prank

    Cell Phone Prank

    In this how to video, you'll find out a great way to prank your friend, family member, co-worker, etc by using their cell phone.

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  • Remote Desktop Prank

    Funny Remote Desktop Prank

    A funny prank involving a cellphone and remote desktop technology on a computer laptop.

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