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  • Car Buried in Sand Prank

    Car Buried In Sand Prank

    These folks have a case of the Monday's as they find their car buried in sand... or at least that's what they first think.

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  • Human Chair Prank

    Human Chair Prank

    Be careful where you sit down.

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  • Funny Steel Beam Prank

    Steel Beam Through Windshield

    I wouldn't be too happy to see a steel beam through the windshield of my car, neither were these people. Check out the ending in this funny gag prank, it's pretty good.

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  • Funny Explosion Prank

    Parking Lot Explosion Prank

    Customers at this convenient store are not happy after a large explosion sends debris every where, including large boulders onto their car. Very funny gag prank.

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  • Funny Ice Water Prank

    Ice Water Prank

    In this prank, this kid pranks his roommate by pouring a bucket of ice water on him when he returns from a long day of classes.

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