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  • Best Pranks 2013 Prank Bros

    2013 Best Pranks Prank Bros

    The best and funniest pranks from the famous Prank Bros on YouTube in 2013.

    Views: 17,208 Category: Prank Compilations
  • Scary Snowman Prank

    Hiding Inside Snowman Prank

    This guy scares the heck out of his wife by hiding inside a snowman and popping out when she approaches to take a closer look.

    Views: 12,536 Category: User Submitted
  • Scary Snowman

    Scary Snowman Prank

    In this scary prank, a guy wearing a snowman costume scares random people on the streets. Check out some of these funny reactions.

    Views: 56,360 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Funny Car Prank

    Car Break-In Prank

    In this funny prank video, Drew stages a fake break in on Matt's car. By taking Matt's spare key, he opens the car in a local parking lot, takes a few items.

    Views: 23,956 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Funny Snow Prank

    Funny Snow Prank

    The one kid sneaks out onto the roof of his house with a shovel and pranks his housemate with a surprise snowfall in this funny video.

    Views: 83,132 Category: Funny Pranks
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