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  • Funny Snake Chase Prank

    Funny Snake Chase Prank

    These guys clip a snake attached to a string to random people, mainly girls, and tell them there is a snake behind them. Since the snake is attached to them, it keeps chasing them as they run away!

    Views: 56,148 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Epic Purse Prank

    Epic Purse Prank

    Next time these people will think twice about picking up a purse off the ground.

    Views: 45,840 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Beack Snake Prank

    Funny Beach Snake Prank

    These guys tie a fake snake to the end of some fishing line and terrorize sun bathers down in Miami Beach. A funny prank taking place at a beach.

    Views: 284,856 Category: Hot Pranks
  • Funny Snake Prank

    Funny Snake Prank

    A funny prank gag involving a fake snake and a water park ride.

    Views: 40,292 Category: Funny Pranks
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