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  • Epic Purse Prank

    Epic Purse Prank

    Next time these people will think twice about picking up a purse off the ground.

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  • Epic Broken Next Prank

    Funny Broken Neck Prank

    A couple of guys go around town pretending to crack their neck. Check out the horrified looks on many of the faces.

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  • Horrible Car Crash Prank

    Horrible Car Crash Prank

    Passing motorists are asked to help out directing traffic around a car that flipped over. Soon, a police officer shows up to ask what the hell they are doing...

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  • Dead Body in Carpet Prank

    Dead Body in Carpet Prank

    Suspicious looking men in suits place a dead body rolled into a carpet on a pickup truck being watched by a random person on the street. It just so happens there is a cop is walking by.

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  • Drinking And Driving Gag

    Drinking And Driving Gag

    After being pulled over by the police, these people deny that they're drunk. If that's the case, how do they explain the open alcohol containers found in their car?

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  • Funny Fugitive Prank

    Fugitive Prank

    This man pretends to talk on the cell phone saying he is going to turn himself into the police as random people walk back. Very funny reactions from misc people.

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  • Sex In a Tent

    Sex In A Tent Prank

    In this prank video, the guy has a sound clip of some noise you might hear coming from your local frat house on a Saturday night playing inside a tent in various public places.

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  • Funny Golf Prank

    World's Biggest Speed Bump

    Check out the size of this speed bump.

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  • Funny Speaker Prank

    Roaches Prank

    How would you react if someone random asked you if you needed any roaches?

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  • Funny Speaker Prank

    Hearing Voice Prank

    In this funny prank they hid a speaker in various places. When people walked by, they described what they were wearing and doing which made them just a little paranoid.

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