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  • Funny Sideways Parking Prank

    Sideways Parking Prank

    Some dude armed with a garage key parks his friend's car sideways in the garage while he's out for a jog.

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  • Car Buried in Sand Prank

    Car Buried In Sand Prank

    These folks have a case of the Monday's as they find their car buried in sand... or at least that's what they first think.

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  • Super Sneeze Prank

    Super Sneeze Prank

    This dude must have the world's strongest sneeze as these people found out.

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  • Walking on Water Prank

    Walking on Water Prank

    This guy confuses the hell out of people with his ability to walk on water, especially some Jesus freak.

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  • Poisonous Drinking Fountain Prank

    Poisonous Drinking Fountain

    People freak out when they realize they just drank poisonous and toxic water from a drinking fountain. It's important in this day and age to get the sign up first before turning the water off.

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  • Walking Pet Dinosaur Prank

    Walking My Pet Dinosaur Prank

    Who doesn't need to take their pet dinosaur for a stroll in the park.

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  • Funny Dog in Shredder Gag

    Dog in Wood Shredder Prank

    Asked to look after a dog, these people are horrified when they see the dog has escaped and ended up in a wood chipper! Don't worry, no animals were hurt in the making of this prank!

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  • Scary Headless Man Prank

    Scary Headless Man Prank

    With Halloween around the corner, check out this scary headless man prank.

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  • Sex In a Tent

    Sex In A Tent Prank

    In this prank video, the guy has a sound clip of some noise you might hear coming from your local frat house on a Saturday night playing inside a tent in various public places.

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  • Funny Nun Prank

    Funny Bikini Nun Gag

    For this funny gag, a girl in a bikini asks random people to hold up a towel as she "changes" into her regular apparel, which happens to be what a nun would wear.

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