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  • Funny Office Morgue Prank

    Funny Office Morgue Prank

    People are asked to fetch a file from a filing cabinet, but when they open it, they find a rather morbid surprise!

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  • Funny Dinosaur Prank

    Funny Dinosaur Prank

    You never do know when a dinosaur might turn the corner.

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  • Funny Meteor Interview Prank

    Meteror Interview Prank

    If this is real, this is very funny. They put a HD TV on the wall and played an animation of a meteor about to hit the city that they're in.

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  • Funny April Fools Pranks

    Funny April Fools Pranks

    If you need a few quick prank ideas for April Fools or any day of the year really, check out these easy pranks you can pull off on your friend or coworker today.

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  • Funny Chair Prank

    Funny Chair Prank

    Here's a good chair office prank. It's a good idea, just need to conceal the fishing line a little better. Funny concept though.

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  • Funny Keyboard Prank

    Funny Keyboard Prank

    If you are in need of a funny keyboard prank in an office or at home, here is a good prank that's easy to do. Makes for a good computer prank as well.

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  • Office Buried Prank

    Office Buried Prank

    Learn how to bury your coworker's cube in this funny office prank.

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  • Funny Air Horn Pranks

    Air Horn Scare Prank

    In this funny video, the kid gets his buddy with an air horn over the course of several days in various locations in and around the house.

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  • Funny Computer Scare Prank

    Computer Scare Prank

    A simple change of the windows startup sound and cranking up the volume knob turns into a funny scary prank.

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