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  • Funny Car Horn Prank

    Funny Car Horn Prank

    For this funny prank, Matt from funnyd00ds rigs up a car horn to a portable power source attached to a remote relay. He then randomly scares his roommate in various locations around the house.

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  • Funny Explosion Prank

    Parking Lot Explosion Prank

    Customers at this convenient store are not happy after a large explosion sends debris every where, including large boulders onto their car. Very funny gag prank.

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  • Funny Meteor Scare Prank

    Funny Meteor Scare Prank

    Andrew from funnyd00ds pranks his housemate Matt by using remote desktop and an audio clip of a meteor crash to scare him while he surfs the internet on his computer.

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  • Train Horn Prank

    Train Horn Prank

    For this funny prank, these dudes rig up a train horn on their car and drive around scaring the crap out of people. Very funny reactions.

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  • Funny Shed Prank

    Funny Firecracker Scare Prank

    In this funny prank, some dude rigs up a wireless detonator and plants a bunch of fireworks in his shed for when his buddy walks in before doing yard work.

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  • Firecrackers Prank

    Firecrackers Prank

    There is nothing like waking your buddy up from a nap with a shit load of firecrackers.

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  • Funny Car Crash Scare Prank

    Car Accident Scare Prank

    In this funny video prank, this dude plays a car accident sound as his buddy crosses the road. He might want to think about calling his lawyer.

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