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  • Funny Sideways Parking Prank

    Sideways Parking Prank

    Some dude armed with a garage key parks his friend's car sideways in the garage while he's out for a jog.

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  • Front Yard Funeral Prank

    Front Yard Funeral Prank

    In this prank, a priest and a few mourners show up in people's front yard and perform a full funeral complete with a tombstone, grave and flowers.

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  • Funny Car Horn Prank

    Funny Car Horn Prank

    For this funny prank, Matt from funnyd00ds rigs up a car horn to a portable power source attached to a remote relay. He then randomly scares his roommate in various locations around the house.

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  • Roommate Pranks

    Roommate Pranks

    Check out this video where you'll learn how to easily pull off three funny pranks on your roommate for the next April Fools Day.

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  • Funny Fake Pranks

    Funny Fake Pranks

    In this prank video, Matt from funnyd00ds keeps setting up his friend Andrew thinking he's getting pranked, when he's really not at all. Pretty funny!

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  • Funny Porta Potty Prank

    Porta Potty Prank

    In this funny prank video, the one kid drops a can in the ventilation shaft of a porta potty while his buddy is taking a dump.

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  • Funny Pie In The Face Prank

    Pie in Face Prank

    In this prank video, while this kid's roommate is on a jog, the dude prepares a couple of pies when he walks in the door. Look at the mess on the floor after this prank.

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