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  • Old Lady Buries Husband

    Old Lady Buries Husband Gag

    It's always great to help out an elderly woman in need, especially when she needs help gardening, or even burying her husband.

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  • Funny Golf Prank

    Funny Golf Prank

    A golfers worst nightmare, especially when you're teeing off.

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  • Funny Car Horn Prank

    Funny Car Horn Prank

    For this funny prank, Matt from funnyd00ds rigs up a car horn to a portable power source attached to a remote relay. He then randomly scares his roommate in various locations around the house.

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  • Mayo Sunblock Prank

    Mayo Sunblock Prank

    This kid swaps out the contents of his buddies sunblock and replaces it with mayonnaise. Watch as he lathers up before a round of 18.

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