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  • Funny Snake Chase Prank

    Funny Snake Chase Prank

    These guys clip a snake attached to a string to random people, mainly girls, and tell them there is a snake behind them. Since the snake is attached to them, it keeps chasing them as they run away!

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  • Funny Bird Prank

    Funny Bird Prank

    Two guys attract a flock of seagulls with popcorn to surround people sunbathing or sleeping on the beach. To their surprise, they wake up surrounded by birds.

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  • Hot Girl Disappears Under Umbrella

    Hot Girl Disappears

    A hot girl on the beach disappears under her umbrella. If anyone knows where this beach is, please send us an email.

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  • Funny Bee Prank

    Hilarious 'B' Prank

    In this funny prank, they slap on the letter 'B' onto random people walking around. They then yell and scream saying they have a "bee on them". Simple concept, hilarious reactions.

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  • Woody Buzz Prank

    Buzz and Woody Prank

    If someone asks you if you want a little buzz or if you want to see a woody, what would you think? Check out this buzz and woody prank.

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  • Beack Snake Prank

    Funny Beach Snake Prank

    These guys tie a fake snake to the end of some fishing line and terrorize sun bathers down in Miami Beach. A funny prank taking place at a beach.

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  • Bikini Shark Prank

    Bikini Shark Prank

    A girl pretends to have lost her bikini top in the water. She summons random guys to jump into the pond to retrieve the lost garment only to be greeted with what appears to be a shark. Very funny!

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