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User Submitted Prank Videos

Take a look at all of these funny prank videos that have been submitted by viewers just like you.

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  • Walmart Pranks

    Walmart Pranks

    Check out these random pranks these girls decided to pull off in their local Walmart.

    Views: 17,960 Category: User Submitted
  • Bank Robbery Drive Thru

    Bank Robbery Drive Thru

    These guys act like they just pulled off a big bank robbery heist at a near bank at the drive thru. They even have a blue dye pack go off while trying to pay!

    Views: 14,000 Category: User Submitted
  • Funny Money Prank

    Federal Reserve Note Prank

    In this prank video, they go through drive throughs asking if they accept "Federal Reserve Notes" as payment. Are people really that stupid?

    Views: 10,832 Category: User Submitted
  • Old Man Robbery

    Old Man Robbery Prank

    They pretend to rob an old man on the street. Check out the reactions of the good samaritans.

    Views: 11,000 Category: User Submitted
  • Dead Body In Trunk

    Dead Body In Trunk

    This guy pretends he is unable to pick up some luggage to put in his trunk. When random people offer to help him, some guy pops out of the car trunk.

    Views: 10,980 Category: User Submitted
  • Burning Couch Prank

    Burning Couch Prank

    We're not entirely sure what was going on in this prank video because our attention was more focused on the girls, but it involves a couch.

    Views: 10,828 Category: User Submitted
  • Going Mute Prank

    Going Mute On People

    A guy walks around asking random people questions, but goes mute in the middle of talking.

    Views: 10,452 Category: User Submitted
  • Train Horn Prank

    Train Horn Prank

    For this funny prank, these dudes rig up a train horn on their car and drive around scaring the crap out of people. Very funny reactions.

    Views: 19,668 Category: User Submitted
  • Super Bowl Party

    Greatest Super Bowl Party

    In this archived funny video, our friend hosts what he claims as the greatest super bowl party of all time.

    Views: 10,684 Category: User Submitted
  • School Freeze Prank

    High School Freeze Prank

    I don't know how they hold their pose, but somehow these kids pull off a freeze prank in the middle of the hallway at school.

    Views: 13,404 Category: User Submitted
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