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Are you in need of a prank idea for the next April Fools? Do you have a funny guy at the office you're looking to get revenge on? If so, you're come to the right section for step by step guidence on how to pull off your next funny prank and joke.

These step by step video tutorials will layout what supplies you'll need and how to pull off the prank. Beginner and expert prankers alike will find value in these funny videos.

As we come across more funny prank how-to videos, we will be added them to the website. Be sure to come back before the next April Fools Day!

  • Office Buried Prank

    Office Buried Prank

    Learn how to bury your coworker's cube in this funny office prank.

    Views: 12,032 Category: How To Videos
  • Burning Pen

    Burning Pen Prank

    This instructional video will show you how to pull the burning pen prank on the next guy who asks to borrow your pen. Warning, use caution. We are not responsible for accidents.

    Views: 13,880 Category: How To Videos
  • Roommate Pranks

    Roommate Pranks

    Check out this video where you'll learn how to easily pull off three funny pranks on your roommate for the next April Fools Day.

    Views: 17,320 Category: How To Videos
  • Cell Phone Prank

    Cell Phone Prank

    In this how to video, you'll find out a great way to prank your friend, family member, co-worker, etc by using their cell phone.

    Views: 18,144 Category: How To Videos
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