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In this video section, we feature funny pranks and jokes. Only the best pranks have been added here. These pranks are largely funny YouTube videos we have found.

A large percentage of these funny videos are pranks involving people in prank wars. A prank war is defined as a war of pranks between one or more people that lasts a fair amount of time.

Be sure to come back again as we add new videos every week!

  • Funny Meteor Scare Prank

    Funny Meteor Scare Prank

    Andrew from funnyd00ds pranks his housemate Matt by using remote desktop and an audio clip of a meteor crash to scare him while he surfs the internet on his computer.

    Views: 27,868 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Stuck in Toilet Prank

    Stuck in Toilet Prank

    For this funny gag, a guy pretends to be stuck in a porta potty toilet and is yelling for help. As a random person tries the help, a girl ends up walking out.

    Views: 32,936 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Fake Pee Prank

    Fake Pee on Girlfriend

    Here's a funny prank video from our friends over at Nikki and John where John pretends to pee on Nikki while she sleeps. Check out Nikki's funny reaction!

    Views: 31,764 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Scary Snowman

    Scary Snowman Prank

    In this scary prank, a guy wearing a snowman costume scares random people on the streets. Check out some of these funny reactions.

    Views: 56,272 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Fireman Interviewed

    Fireman Inteviewed Gag

    For this funny gag, they setup a scene where a building was suppose to be on fire. As the fireman arrived, so did the news crew who wanted a few words before saving the victims.

    Views: 19,072 Category: Funny Pranks
  • X Ray Photo

    X-Ray Camera Gag

    In this funny gag, two priests pretend like they want their photograph taken and ask random people to take their picture. Little do they know this isn't your ordinary camera.

    Views: 23,776 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Honking At Hearse Prank

    Honking At Hearse Prank

    Insensitive jerks keep honking at a hearse loading up a casket.

    Views: 24,428 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Pregnant With Twins Prank

    Pregnant With Twins Prank

    In this funny prank, women are given a free ultra sound screening in the mall only to find out they are pregnant with twins!

    Views: 29,720 Category: Funny Pranks
  • No Anti-Aircraft Missile Zone

    No Anti-Aircraft Missile Zone

    Carrying anti-aircraft missiles is prohibited in the school zone, everyone knows that.

    Views: 36,800 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Shot Down Glider Gag

    Shot Down Glider Gag

    In this funny prank gag, random walkers are asked to shoot off a gun to begin a bike race. Little do they know that the gun was loaded and they just shot someone hang gliding.

    Views: 26,512 Category: Funny Pranks
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